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Complete Solution:
Econo-Jet is a complete small character ink jet printing system in an affordable, compact package. Models are available to print in either one or two lines of text.
Compact Size:
The Econo-Jet is the most compact small character
ink jet printer available. Mounted on your production line, the Econo-Jet takes up less than six inches of width.
Simple to use:

A four line LCD panel displays message entry or editing in either English or Spanish and give the user a clear visual reference of the programming sequence and finished message.

Ink Supply:

The Econo-Jet can utilize any of the over 20 different ink formulations available in the Genesis ink line.  This gives you the flexibility to print on a wide variety of substrates including plastics, metals, glass, chipboard and more.  Pigmented inks in white, light blue and orange make it easy to print onto both light and dark colored materials.  Please check our ink chart for a complete listing of inks and colors.

The inks are all alcohol based.  Being alcohol based, they are environmentally friendly, and once the ink in the cartridge is depleted, it is easy to dispose of.

Change Color:

The small ink cartridge locks in place to eliminate spillage and assure complete ink consumption for economical, environmentally friendly operation. When the cartridge is empty, simply remove it from the holder, put a new one in place and continue production. Changing the ink formulation or color to accommodate a different product is almost as easy and only takes about ten minutes to accomplish. 

DIY Maintenance

The printhead used on the Econo-Jet is completely serviceable by the end user.  It can be taken apart, cleaned and re-assembled in a period of 20 minutes or less.  Please see our VIDEO which describes this process in detail.

Font Selection:

One Year


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