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1. Is there a way to determine the cartridge needs replacement?
There is a LED light on the print module. When it starts flashing, it means the ink is running out and thus, the cartridge needs replacement.
2. What is the highest benefit of using Evolution on a production line?
EVOLUTION uses HP ink cartridges and a DDI designed driver board. This combination ensures the lowest downtime and highest production rate.
3. How often does the Evolution printer needs servicing when in use?
Because of the special ink formulation, the print nozzles on the ink cartridge can last for up to 24 hours without any maintenance.
4. How many characters can be printed per ink cartridge?
Because Evolution has a specially designed driver board, the droplet volume is only 23pl.The result is every character printed will consume less ink to form the letters. If you want to know more detailed information about ink consumption, please feel free to contact us.


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Distributors wanted in Asia Pacific Area
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