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Evolution high resolution inkjet printer
Evolution Hand Held
Evolution Small Character
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Hardware & Software Options:
Special Software Package 1: ( For EVOLUTION I ONLY)
  • Message storage: Up to 50 messages system wide
  • Automatic message repeat
  • Password protection
Special Software Package 1.5:  ( For EVOLUTION I ONLY )
  • Expanded Message Storage: Up to 100 system wide
  • Expanded Message Length: Up to 48 characters of 1/4" to 1/2" in height. Or, up to 96 characters of 7/32" or smaller with 48 characters in two lines
Special Software Package 2:  ( For EVOLUTION I ONLY )
  • Sequential numbering
  • Variable date formats
  • Variable time formats
  • Contents of Software Package No. 1 and 1.5
Special Software Package 3:  ( For EVOLUTION I  ONLY )
  • Shift Coding capability
  • Date Offset
  • Product Counter
  • Special Software Packages 1, 1.5 and 2
Hardware Options
  • Add-on High Resolution printhead modules: Adding another printhead is as simple as sliding it on.   Each printhead module is manufactured with a dovetail slot on one side and a dovetail slide on the other.  You can attach up to three additional printhead on a single bracket by simply inserting the slide on one into the slot on the other.  A small RS485 data cable is then used to connect the modules.  This allows the hand held controller to network all of the printheads on the production line.
  • Top coding bracketry
  • External product sensor
  • External encoder
  • Floor stand

  • Spring loaded carton follower


Option Fonts
  • Alternative fonts:  Downloadable via custom programmed flash card media
Option Software
  • Logos:  Ability to load up to 3 logos in a message.
  • EVOLUTION-NET software for PC control

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Distributors wanted in Asia Pacific Area
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