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Small Character
Evolution high resolution inkjet printer
Evolution Hand Held
Evolution Small Character
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●Compact  ● Complete  ● Affordable


The Genesis SingleLine/TwinLine/VariLine Large Character ink jet systems are the perfect companion to the small character printer. Simple to install, cost effective, easy to own.
Complete Design

Singleline/TwinLine/TriLine are complete large character ink jet printing systems in an affordable compact package. With the versatile hand adjustable bracket, it is easily moved from line to line.

No mess ink supply

The non-CFC pressurized ink cartridge locks in place to eliminate spillage and assure  complete ink consumption for economical, environmentally friendly operation.
Quick and Easy Installation   Removable Nozzles







No mess ink cartridge   Easy to use






If you are looking for an affordable, reliable and easy to use large character inkjet printer. GENESIS LCP series is the best choice for you. Don't be surprised by the compact size and economic price. You will never encounter any major problems when using these machines.

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Distributors Wanted in Asia-Pacific Area
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