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was completely designed by Digital Design Inc.  During the design phase, the R&D department at DDI studied several printhead drivers compatible with HP ink cartridges.  Their main objective was to create a product with a better print distance and a more economical ink usage.  Thus, DDI developed a printhead driver to these demands.

Using the printhead driver designed by DDI,  produces a smaller droplet size which results in a 33% increase in ink droplets per cartridge and with the higher firing energy of the DDI driver, print distance has increased significantly.  The following table provides more details and clarification. 

Cartridge Volume

Droplet Size


Drop Velocity

Best Print Distance
HP Driver board


34 Pico Liter 1,235,294,118 9M/sec 1.5mm


23 Pico Liter 1,826,086,957 22.5M/sec 3.2mm
DDI uses a specially formulated ink that is darker (more black) than the standard HP ink.  This allows the reduction in droplet size, while achieving a darker print at the same 300dpi resolution.   Competitive printers using the HP ink would have to print at a resolution of 600dpi to meet the optical density of the ink used in  cartridges.
cartridges are designed to last longer and are slightly more expensive.  However, the benefits are far greater when compared to the grayer, less dense HP ink at 300dpi, and less expensive to operate if optical densities of both prints are near equal.  Refer to the table below for more information.


Character Size

Products/Min 1 Shift/Day Message Length Characters / Cartridge Ink Change Time Cost/Printed Message
HP Ink


12.7mm 10 10 Char. 304,260 7.8 Days $.00105
HP Ink


12.7mm 10 10 Char. 152,130 3.9 Days $.00201


12.7mm 10

10 Char.


11.5 Days


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Distributors wanted in Asia Pacific Area
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